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  • Quality excellence is at the top of priorities of Mas Ste Berthe:
  • 40 hectares nestled at the foot of the Baux rock formation in the heart of the celebrated Baux appellation d'Origine
  • red grape varieties: Grenache, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Mourvèdre, Cinsault, Carignan.
  • 5 white grape varieties: Grenache blanc, Rolle, Sauvignon, Ugni blanc, Roussane.
  • And also a 5.5-hectare olive grove:
    4 local varieties
    Grossane, Salonenque, Verdale for the production of Baux valley olive oil and Tapenade
    Green Picholine olives.

A long story

The Baux plain was already dotted with a number of working farms by the 17th century.
What is now St. Berthe was once known as the « la maison aux champs » or the house in the field, then the property of Lord de Mollières. The deeds of the notary, Maître Salomé, made mention of a chapel in process of construction, adjoining the main building of this former farm (1539).

This chapel was dedicated to Ste Berthe, the patron saint of fever victims:
Every year, on the 1st of January and the first Sunday of May, the people of the region would make a pilgrimage here in the there in hope of finding relief from fevers. The pilgrims would drink the water from a nearby spring, « la font du fibre » or « fever spring », to which they would add a pinch of the stone powder, obtained by scraping the foot of the saint's statue.

In 1950, the David family acquired the estate.
It was his passion for wine that led Master David to convert the land, gradually replacing the ageing apricot trees with vines.

The lengthy and no less onerous work of planting grapevines for wine commenced in 1960. Then, in 1976, the cellar opened its doors and thus Ste Berthe vinified then marketed its wine on the estate.

In 1985, under the impetus of Philippe TARROU, the cellar was opened for the sale of our products.
In 1986, the year our prestige cuvee, Cuvée Louis David, was created.
In 2000, Vin de Pays des Bouches du Rhône saw the light of day.
In April 2006, the cellar, opened in 1976, celebrated its 30th anniversary.

Mas Ste Berthe lies to the east of the famous Les Baux rock, on the southern side of the Alpilles mountain range.

Entrance to Mas Sainte Berthe, in Les Baux de Provence.
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